Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Infra-Red - Elijah And Kenneth

Our Findings
The reason why Infrared waves are called infra red waves its because the frequency is just below visible red light.
Infrared light gives off heat.

Uses and Dangers
A Picture of Infrared Camera (Thermal Imaging)

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
The users are used for remote controls for TVs and video recorders, and physiotherapists use heat lamps to help heal sports injuries. Also, they are used night-vision goggles or infrared cameras allow us to detect the infrared waves emitting from warm objects such as humans and animals.

The danger to people from too much Infra-Red radiation is overheating.



  1. No heading and also are u sure that the only danger is overheating? == :D

  2. How does infa-red light help to heal sports injuries

  3. What emits infrared light?Also,there is no heading

  4. I thought Infra-red can transfer information too?

  5. Is there any relation between the colour red from the visible spectrum and Infra-Red radiations, are they almost similar to each other like the lowest waves in the UV spectrum and the purple colour in the visible light?

  6. Same question as Matthew and Kun Yao, how does infa-red light help to heal sports injuries?

  7. How are they used in night vision goggles?