Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kieren and Matthew Mircowaves

Microwaves - Matthew and Kieren


Microwaves range frm one millimeter to a meter,hence the term micro which is 10 to the power of -3.These type of waves vibrate fat and water molecules inside and outside of the object thus making the object hot and free of germs
Mircowaves are used for 3 things.Cooking,telecommunications and speed cameras are some of them.The microwaves heat up the particles in the food,usually fat or water and thus makes them very hot.
Microwaves are also used in phones and they give out a mircowave signal and this go to the radar dishes.Since the mircowave signal from the phone is weak,multiple radar dishes must be set up so as to recieve the signals which may cost some money
Microwaves are also used in speed cameras where they are used to bounce off moving cars to measure the speed of the cars and if the car is moving too fast they snap a picture of the liscence plate
It may cause people to cause some brain damage to themselves due to the phones being to near their heads


  1. Microwaves cook food from inside out. Amrit

  2. Do you have any pictures to show that Microwaves are used in phones and speed cameras? :)

    How does the phone being near their head cause brain damage..?

  3. Trololo . How does radiation work .

  4. I would like to know why metals cannot be used in a micro-wave oven.

  5. What is the frequency of microwaves?

  6. Explain the changes at particle level?

  7. It can only harm your brain if you are on the phone for long hours. Most of the time your phone will be in your pocket. So it might harm your body instead.