Tuesday, July 5, 2011

X-Rays - Adam, Abigail & Wu Shen

X-rays carry a lot of energy and are high frequency waves.
X-rays have very small wavelengths, between 0.03 and 3 nanometers, so small that some x-rays are no bigger than a single atom of many elements. It passes through most substances making it useful in medicine and industry to see inside things.
X-rays are given off by exploding stars like novae and supernovae and black holes, and also stars. They are emitted when an electron moves from certain excited states back down to its ground states, or when an electron that is moving very quickly is suddenly stopped.

They are used by doctors to see inside people because it can pass through soft tissues but not easily through bones.
They are also used in airport security checks to see the items in your luggage.
They are also used by astronomers to detect objects in the universe that emit x-rays using a radio telescope.

An overdose exposure of X-rays may produce cancer, skin burns and a reduction of the blood supply



  1. Why are the wavelengths so small?

  2. They also have difficulty passing through metal. From Amrit

  3. The brain is made of flesh so why can it see it

  4. why does an overdose of exposure to X-rays cause cancer,skin burns and reduction in blood supply,and aren't there any more dangers of X-rays?