Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adam, Alpha, ZhiYong light system for quiz show

The circuit works because when one switch is closed, only one light bulb lights up. Each switch only activates one light bulb, and does not affect the rest. The first person to close the switch, his/her light bulb will light up first. When all the switches are closed, the light bulbs will be of equal brightness, as the current is equally split.

We can also use different colours for the light bulbs, so that the judge can differentiate who pressed the switch first more easily.

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  1. Good effort. Some questions for your group to think:

    1) How does the current flow in the circuit?
    2) Does the current flowing through each bulb the same?
    3) Is the amount of current flowing through the battery the same as the amount of current through the bulb?
    4) Will the brightness of any of the bulb changes if I need to add another bulb to the circuit for a fourth contestant? Will the amount of current change flowing through the bulb and battery change?

    Keep these questions in your mind when we are going through Activities 1.2 to 1.4 and review your explanation in 1.5.